Aya Hirano and Masahi Taniguchi recently announced that they have tied the knot.

The couple revealed the good news in a joint statement released on social media on 3 January, writing, “Masahi Taniguchi and Aya Hirano have recently got married. We will never forget our feelings of gratitude, and we will continue to work harder as artistes.”

“We look forward to your continued guidance and support,” the couple added.

At the same time, Aya and Masahi didn’t forget to express their sympathy and concern over the victims of the recent earthquake in the Noto Peninsula.

“We would like to do our best with what we can, no matter how small. We sincerely wish everyone good health and happiness,” they added.

Masahi played Kishibe in the stage play of ‘Chainsaw Man’
Masahi played Kishibe in the stage play of ‘Chainsaw Man’

It is noted that Aya and Masahi met after working together in the live-action stage play of “Chainsaw Man”, where Aya played Makima and Masahi played Kishibe.

(Photo Source: Aya Hirano IG, Masahi Taniguchi IG)