Andy Lau recently admitted that he is a very strict father to his only daughter Hanna, especially when it comes to her online presence.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actor, who talked about his family life at an audience appreciation event for his movie, “I Did It My Way “, shared that while he is busy with work, he does not neglect his responsibility as a father in disciplining Hanna.

Andy confessed that his 11-year-old daughter doesn’t have her own smart phone, but only a tablet that is solely for school-related matters. If there is a need for her to use a phone, the actor said that Hanna will use his or his wife’s phone instead.

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Andy with Hanna seen attending his father’s funeral last year

“Except for apps and websites required by the school, I don’t allow anything else,” he said, adding that he would keep an eye on her whenever she uses the internet.

When asked if Hanna follows him on social media, Andy said, “She doesn’t have a social media account. I’m quite strict with her in this regard… The online world is beyond my control, so I try to keep it out of her reach.”

(Photo Source: Andy Lau Fanpage IGSin Chew)