Ali Lee has dismissed the idea that she was disheartened by TVB, which is why she was absent from the TVB Anniversary Awards that was held recently.

The actress, who appeared at an event in Kwun Tong on 16 January, stated that the only reason for her absence was that she wasn’t feeling well and also had another event to attend on the same day.

“And since the series [I was nominated in] was aired a year ago, I felt that there isn’t much chance [to win],” she said, before adding jokingly, “There are many beauties at the ceremony. Nobody would notice if I didn’t attend this year.”

As for rumours that she was disheartened, especially after her face was blurred during the event last year when it aired in mainland China, Ali said that the rumour was just to attract readers.

“Although I didn’t attend, I saw many of my friends were happy to be awarded. I am also happy that Moses [Chan] has won again after many years. Tiffany Lau made the best progress, Samantha won Best Actress, and Charmaine is happy to win three accolades,” she added.

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Ali is happy for Best Actress winner Charmaine Sheh

On the other hand, Ali admitted that her TVB contract will expire this year, and that she is currently discussing the matter with the company.

“Actually, I don’t feel that the company is neglecting me. Even though I rarely appear in dramas, I still host programmes. I can only say that the audience has always seen me on TV, so why would anybody think I was left out by the company?” she added.

(Photo Source: Ali Lee IG, Charmaine Sheh IG)