Zhu Yilong was revealed to have sustained an injury during the filming of his new movie.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the news was announced by the crew of the production on 18 December, stating that the actor was accidentally injured while filming an action scene the day before.

“The crew has sent Mr. Zhu Yilong to the hospital as soon as possible, and the wound has been treated in time. We would like to solemnly apologise to Mr. Zhu Yilong and wish everyone peace,” the statement added.

They also assured that the injury has been properly treated and that the actor is recovering. Filming will only resume after Zhu recovers fully.

“We sincerely admire Mr. Zhu Yilong’s professional attitude, and we assure everyone that we will be more careful and pay more attention during the subsequent filming process and do our best to protect the safety and health of the cast and crew,” they added.

On the other hand, Zhu’s camp assured that all is well with the actor, saying that they will prioritise Zhu’s health.

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(Photo Source: Zhu Yilong Weibo)