Conceiving is not always easy, as Zhang Meng recently learned in her effort to become pregnant with her first child.

On 10 December, the actress took to social media to share a video of her journey, and captioned it, “Next… think of every failure as one step closer to your baby!”

In the video, Zhang revealed how she and her husband tried their best to conceive, from the time the actress found out that there were multiple polyps in her uterus and immediately scheduled a surgery, to them trying their best via traditional Chinese medicine.

After failing several times, Zhang said that they started to try and seek other reasons as to why they couldn’t conceive. However, she said that there is nothing wrong with her husband.

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The journey to parenthood has been arduous for the couple

She also revealed that she has anxiety, though due to her efforts to conceive, she decided not to take her anxiety medication.

“Every time I have an anxiety attack, I can only rely on hugging my thighs to relieve it,” she wrote. However, she admitted that the fact that she failed to conceive yet again after that made her even more anxious.

“At this moment, I feel that no matter how painful it is, it is worth it. Giving birth is much more painful than this. I will definitely be brave,” she said.

Zhang also stated that she and her husband have decided to stop sharing their journey on social media for the time being, and instead adjust their own physical and mental beings to conceive.

“Are there other people who are trying to get pregnant like me? We can cheer each other on together. I am ready to change my identity. I always believe in the right time, the right place. You can reach it by just closing your eyes,” she expressed.

Zhang and husband Jin Eunsheng tied the knot in February last year, two years after they confirmed their relationship.

(Photo Source: Zhang Meng Weibo, SOHU)