Vinci Wong has dismissed speculations that he was talking about Kevin Cheng in his recent post on social media.

As reported on Mingpao, the TV personality, who was asked about his previous post when he appeared at the “A Little Pink 2023” event in West Kowloon Cultural District Art Park on 10 December, stated that he never said it was about Kevin.

“This matter should have ended. It would be boring to talk about it again. I hope that this incident will end,” he said.

Vinci avoided talking about whether he had any contact with Kevin, saying that he has been very busy and has little contact with many people.

However, Vinci did mention about Kenneth Ma getting married, and that he understood that planning a wedding requires a lot of thought and time.

It was last week that Vinci sparked speculations when he posted on social media, “It is always about seeing people’s hearts over time. In fact, I have seen this person’s two different personas in front of and behind the scenes, so I have given up any contact with this person early on.”

“If you ask me about him, I’m sorry, he is not my friend. He can’t even be my friend,” he added.

The post came amid the backlash against Kevin Cheng, who told the media that he would not be attending Kenneth’s overseas destination wedding despite them being close friends.

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Kevin is too busy being a dad of three boys to attend Kevin’s overseas wedding

(Photo Source: Kevin Cheng IG, Mingpao)