It was revealed that the series “The Blood of Youth” will be in production in February next year.

As reported on Sohu, the news was shared by the production studio, saying that the drama will officially enter preparation stage in 2024, while three film series will also be developed simultaneously.

“In addition to the original four young knights, the new chapter of the story will also introduce more new characters and forces, adding more suspense and tension to the plot. These new characters will have their own unique backgrounds and stories, which are closely related to the main plot. Connected, bringing a richer and more diverse visual and emotional experience to the audience,” shared the creative team.

“From script creation to character setting, from scene design to sound effects production, every link has been carefully polished and continuously improved. We hope to present a perfect world of Jianghu to the audience through our professional capabilities and creativity,” said producer Zhang Yan.

The upcoming series will be directed by Yin Tao and written by original author, Zhou Munan.

Adapted from the novel “Shao Nian Ge Xing” about the brotherhood among three wanderers, the first season was released in 2022, and stars Li Hongyi, Liu Xueyi, Ao Ruipeng, Li Xinze, Flora Dai, and Lin Boyang.

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Li Hongyi plays Xiao Se in the series ‘The Blood of Youth’

(Photo Source: Li Hongyi Weibo, SOHU