Producer Chung Shu Kai recently stated that he has plans to start filming a sequel to his hit TVB drama, “The Queen of News”.

As reported on Mingpao, the TVB producer, who was asked about the success of the series, which has now received a lot of early nominations at the upcoming TVB Awards, stated that he has to start working on the script now if he wants to do a sequel.

“To get Charmaine Sheh and Selena Lee to come back and film again, it would be hard without a finished script. If we want to do a sequel, we have to start now,” he said.

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The drama stars Charmaine Sheh and Selena Lee

However, Chung stated that he has to work slow and steady in order to make the story better.

“This series took 10 years, and the sequel might be faster,” he added.

Asked if he would add Bosco Wong in the sequel, the producer responded, “If the audience really like it, it is not impossible.”

(Photo Source:  Charmaine Sheh IG, Selena Lee IG)