Following previous speculations of her death, Kathy Chow’s studio finally confirmed that the actress has passed away.

At around 9PM on 12 December, the studio issued an obituary on Weibo, writing, “We are deeply saddened to inform everyone that Sister Haimei left us on 11 December 2023 due to ineffective treatment of her illness. May there be no disease in heaven, and may we meet again in the next life!”

Prior to the confirmation, it was rumoured that the Hong Kong actress has passed away due to her struggle with SLE. However, the actress’ staff has refused to release any statement regarding the rumour.

Rising to fame through the 1994 TVB drama “The Heaven Sword and Dragon Sabre”, Kathy went on to star in various dramas and movies including “The Empress of China”, “Time Before Time”, and “Beast Cops”.

She just turned 57 on 6 December.

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Kathy and Leon Lai in ‘Cherished Moments’ (1990)

(Photo Source: Kathy Chow Weibo, Bastille Post)