Rumours are rife that Kasumi Arimura is now dating King & Prince’s Kaito Takahashi.

As reported on Epoch Times, Japanese media are saying that the two have become close since playing siblings in the 2020 series, “Nee-chan no Koibito”, and reportedly have moved in into the same apartment building since 2022.

The report also mentioned that after King & Prince held their fifth anniversary event in Tokyo on the 4th of last month, 24-year-old Kaito immediately returned to his high-end apartment to meet with 30-year-old Kasumi.

When the media asked the agencies of both parties about the relationship, they neither deny nor admit to the rumour, with Kasumi’s rep saying, “The two have maintained good relationship since they starred in a TV series together.”

Meanwhile, Kaito’s camp stated, “We heard that she is a senior that he gets along with since working together in the drama.”

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The two met working on a Fuji TV drama

 (Photo Source: Kasumi Arimura IG, Kaito Takahashi IG, Mingpao)