G-Dragon is now signed with a new agency, GALAXY Corporation.

The news was confirmed by the company on 21 December, stating that the relationship between two parties isn’t just artiste and agency, but of partners and companions.

“We will continue to challenge ourselves. And in order to take a path that others have not taken, we will complement each other and show not only the side that Kwon Ji-yong has shown so far, but also the side that we have not seen before,” said director Jo Sung-hae.

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G-Dragon posted this on Instagram to mark his new journey

As to why they delayed the contract signing ceremony, Jo stated that the company was waiting for G-Dragon’s former agency to release their own statement regarding the rapper’s future.

Thanking YG Entertainment for nurturing G-Dragon as an entertainer through BIG BANG, the company added, “Galaxy will do our best to continue the path of glory that YG and G-Dragon have walked without forgetting.”

The rapper is set to make his comeback in 2024.

(Photo Source: G-Dragon IG)