Bona Film Group has recently denied rumours that they have donated a large sum of money to Japan following the Tohoku earthquake and tsunami more than a decade ago.

As reported on Sohu, the company released an official statement recently, following accusations that they have failed to donate to the earthquake disaster in northwestern China’s Gansu province that occurred earlier this week, in which a magnitude-6.2 earthquake has killed at least 127 people.

Soon, several parties made claims that Bona Films had donated more than RMB 25 million to Japan following the 2011 earthquake, causing netizens to slam the company for not showing similar concerns to their own people.

On 20 December, the company denied the allegation, stating that the amount of money supposedly sent to Japan in 2011 was reported by the media and was not from a fundraising event held by the company.

“Bona Films has always maintained a pragmatic attitude, actively practised social responsibility, in social services, charity donations and other public welfare activities, and will continue to make greater contributions to society,” it stated.

The company also stated that they reserve the right to pursue legal action against individuals that infringed their rights by falsifying facts.

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Bona Films has made patriotic movies like ‘Operation Mekong’

However, this statement did not receive a positive response from netizens. A large number of netizens questioned in the comment section of the statement whether it was appropriate for Bona Films, which has made many patriotic movies like “Operation Mekong” and “The Battle at Lake Changjin”, to not announce any donations after the Gansu earthquake.

(Photo Source: People’s Daily, IMDb)