Time Fengjun Entertainment has recently slammed rumours that TNT members He Junglin and Yan Haoxiang are in a relationship.

As reported on Sohu, the company released a statement regarding the issue, saying that rumours about them were maliciously spread online, prompting the company to refute all allegations.

“Our artistes Yan Haoxiang and He Junglin have never been in love. Romance related comments online are malicious rumours causing fan circles to fight against each other and cause conflict. We strongly condemn such fabricated news and baseless rumours,” the company said.

TF Entertainment also urges all relevant platforms to boycott such false rumours, and that the company reserves the right to pursue legal action against those who continue to disseminate such falsehood.

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The two are members of Teens in Times (TNT)

(Photo Source: He Junglin Weibo, Yang Haoxiang Weibo)