Zanilia Zhao is truly enjoying her new role as a drama producer, as she recently expressed in an interview.

As reported on Sohu, the actress, who is producing her new drama, “The Legend of Shen Li”, stated that she originally thought that producing her own drama would be nothing short of a challenge, until she found that she really enjoyed it after getting herself immersed in it.

“I really love the process of brainstorming with everyone. For example, when we discussed a certain thing, we would ‘drill’ together to figure out how to make it more creative and interesting,” she said.

During this time, said Zanilia, a lot of people joined her texting group and that they would discuss the project until late at night.

“So, you will see a lot of things that are not in the script, which we have constantly imagined together,” she added.

The said drama, adapted from Jiulu Feixiang novel, “The King is Here”, stars Zanilia and Lin Gengxin, and tells the story of Xing Zhi, the sole surviving god who chooses to live in secret, and his relationship with the rebellious princess Shen Li born in the demon world.

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In addition to starring in ‘The Legend of Shen Li’, Zanilia also wears her producer hat

(Photo Source: SOHU)