Legendary Jrock bassist, HEATH has recently passed away.

It was revealed that the soft-spoken musician, who was part of the renowned band X JAPAN, passed away at the end of October following a cancer diagnosis.

The disease had advanced significantly, said sources, that HEATH had not much time to settle his affairs or share the news with members of his band.

Meanwhile, fellow band member and leader YOSHIKI had since cancelled his appearance at the 37th Award of Honor Gala in San Franscisco to go to Shinjuku and bid his farewell to his longtime friend.

HEATH replaced previous X JAPAN bassist TAIJI in 1992, and served with the band until its disbandment in 1997. He was then reunited with X JAPAN back in 2007. His last appearance was as a guest for YOSHIKI’s dinner show in August.

He was 55.

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YOSHIKI cancelled show in the US to bid his farewell

(Photo Source: consequence, sora news 24)