Film producer Tiffany Chen has recently laughed off another death hoax involving good friend and martial arts star, Jet Li.

On 3 November, amid another rumour of Jet’s death, the wife of film mogul Charles Heung took to Weibo and posted, “[Jet Li], how many times have you died? It is rumoured that you have passed away again. You just greeted me this morning!”

She also joked that the fact that he keeps getting death hoaxes meant that Jet has transcended life and death.

“Don’t mind the rumours that people spread, okay?” she added.

Tiffany also didn’t forget to promote the “Expendables” star’s new book, “Beyond Life and Death: Jet Li’s Quest for Jet Li”.

It is noted that Jet has been a victim of death hoaxes many times for the past few years, with the most recent prior to the latest one being in March. .126
The actor was rumoured to have died… again!
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The actor recently released a new book

(Photo Source: Jet Li IG, NetEase)