It looks like netizens have had enough of Steven Cheung and his wife, Au Yin Man (aka Man Man), especially the latter, after she announced for the umpteenth time that she wants to get a divorce.

As reported on Mingpao, Man Man, who seemed to have worked things out with her former Sun Boy’z husband following the birth of their fourth child back in August, suddenly took to Instagram Story on 5 November and expressed her intention to end the marriage.

“I can say it without any worries. I have decided to get divorced. Next time, I will post and sign the papers. As for the children, I will let social workers and relevant authorities decide where to go,” she posted.

Due to her repeated threats of divorce, netizens have begun calling Man Man “the divorce KOL” or “divorce influencer”.

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The couple have welcomed four kids in four years

On the other hand, Steven has made no response regarding Man Man’s post. The former singer, instead, shared a photo of him at an adult toy store, revealing that he is now working there and welcomes all fans to visit.

It is noted that prior to the latest intention-to-divorce announcement, Man Man has expressed intention to end the marriage in January 2022, December 2022, and January 2023. Back in September, Steven announced that he will undergo vasectomy following the birth of his fourth son.

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The singer welcomed his fourth kid back in August

(Photo Source: Steven Cheung IG)