Selina Jen recently decided to reveal her son’s face to the world as she celebrates turning 42.

On 31 October, the SHE member posted several photos on her birthday, including photos of her and SHE members Ella and Hebe with her baby boy, as well as a couple of photos of her and her partner, Xiao Xu.

She wrote, “Today, I turned 42. The age of love. The thorns I walked through once turned out to be sustenance and love.”

“After becoming a mother, I became a Wonder Woman who is no longer afraid of pain or suffering. It is love. With Little Cashew, it’s like being the richest person in the world. It’s love. My son is the most handsome, he most beautiful… It’s love. I can’t help but laugh and cry when I think of everything I can have at this moment. It’s love,” she expressed.

Selina announced her pregnancy on 13 March of this year, and welcomed her first child back in September. 397135335 18393198787011505 1182619724994901153 n 1080
Selina with her S.H.E sisters Hebe and Ella 397123711 18393198814011505 9054163416463405684 n 1080
The baby is nicknamed Little Cashew

(Photo Source: Selina Jen IG)