Qin Lan recently admitted that she no longer has her previous rounded melodious voice due to her damaged vocal cord.

In a recent interview on a reality show, the “Story of Yanxi Palace” actress stated that her voice was already slightly damaged when she started filming her drama, “Legacy” in 2022.

“One day, when I arrived on set, the director was surprised by the fact that I didn’t speak. But when I opened my mouth, I couldn’t even speak,” she said.

Qin stated that due to multiple recurrence of chronic pharyngitis, she had to carry an atomizer during filming and even had to take a four-month break after filming.

“Normally the vocal cord open and close in a balanced manner, but mine can’t do that,” she said.

The change in the actress’ voice has also given her a new nickname by netizens, who – coupled with her short hair and big eyes – is now being known as “Electronic Dora”, after Nickalodeon’s cute animated character.

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With her damaged voice, short hair and big eyes, netizens are now calling her Electronic Dora

When asked how she felt about her voice, Qin responded, “I feel very depressed and frustrated. Where did my beautiful voice go? I still couldn’t find the root cause of it, but the doctors tell me that it can’t be cured. Isn’t that frustrating?”

(Photo Source: Qin Lan IG)