There will be a sequel to “Table for Six”, but no, big brother Steve will not be in it.

As reported on Mingpao, the cast of “Table for Six 2” was recently announced in a press conference, revealing that Louis Cheung, Stephy Tang, Ivana Wong, and Lin Min Chen will all be returning to the movie, except for Dayo Wong, who is the original protagonist of the 2022 movie.

Confirming Dayo’s absence from the project, director Sunny Chan stated the sequel will revolve around three weddings instead. Asked if they have any worries that the box office will not be as good as the first due to Dayo’s non-participation, Sunny said, “As a director, I am focused on making good films. I believe in the story and I don’t think about the box office. I have confidence in the team.”

As to whether they will invite Dayo back if there is movie number three, Sunny said that that would be up to the big bosses and the audience.

On the other hand, the cast members admitted that they are a bit disappointed that Dayo will not be joining the sequel, but that they will do their best.

Said Stephy, “Most importantly, Dayo’s spirit will still be there.”

It is noted that “Table for Six” became the second highest grossing Hong Kong movie in 2022 with HKD 77 million, bested only by the sci-fi flick, “Warriors of Future”.

Dayo was the lead in the original 2022 movie

(Photo Source: Table for Six IG, Mingpao)