Rich people will always have a way to irk netizens, as supermodel Ming Xi unintentionally did when she shared about her childbirth experience.

The Chinese supermodel recently appeared on the reality show, “Viva La Romance” with businessman husband Mario Ho, where she was asked about the experience of giving birth to her two children via C-section.

Asked if it was painful to give birth to a child, Ming responded, “I don’t feel anything, because the doctor will inject you with the anaesthetics. It hurts a little during the injection, but it’s actually okay.”

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Ming Xi is married to late casino tycoon Stanley Ho’s son Mario

She also revealed that the doctor even asked her what song she would like to listen to while the surgery was done, adding that the whole atmosphere was relaxed, as if she was in a KTV.

After the interview was exposed, it sparked a heated debate among netizens, with some joking about how rich people can even have babies without pain.

Others expressed annoyance that the pain of childbirth is being trivialised, saying, “This will indirectly lead men to think that giving birth is a small matter.”

Another wrote, “Even if it doesn’t hurt, don’t just say that easily.”

(Photo Source: Mario Ho WeiboMing Xi IG)