Natalie Tong has denied rumours that she will soon be focusing on her career in mainland China, now that she is no longer with TVB.

As reported on HK01, rumours of her move sparked after fans noticed that she has opened up an account on the Chinese social media and e-commerce platform, Xiaohongshu, where a lot of celebrities have been focusing on to promote themselves recently.

When asked about it during an appearance in Wong Tai Sin, Natalie stated that the reason she opened up a Xiaohongshu account was because her mainland fans have been requesting it for several years.

“I was quite busy before, so I didn’t get the chance to check it out,” she said.

Asked how different life is after leaving TVB, Natalie said that she used to have a manager in the past, but has to now take the initiative to understand details of the work and deal with it on her own.

As to whether she will be expanding her career in mainland China, the actress stated that it will depend on fate.

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Natalie attending an event in Wong Tai Sin

(Photo Source: Natalie Tong IG, Mingpao)