Linda Chung recently expressed hope to celebrate her upcoming showbiz anniversary by performing for her fans.

As reported on Mingpao, the former TVB actress, who made her occasional visit to Hong Kong recently, stated that she has been preparing to celebrate her 20th anniversary in the entertainment industry next year, and hopes to hold a concert where she can sing all of her songs.

“Everybody who meets me says that they have watched me since they were young. I really have lots of memories with them. I hope [the concert] will happen,” she said.

Asked if she would invite her three kids to the stage to perform with her, Linda said that it would depend on their wishes.

“My one-year-old daughter seems to be the one inheriting the talent. She is the loudest. When she calls you, you can hear it from across the street,” she light-heartedly stated.

As for her visit to Hong Kong this time, Linda said that she is staying for four days to renovate her Hong Kong home for tenants.

Asked why she didn’t just sell her house seeing that she is residing in Canada now, Linda said, “This place is valuable to me. I worked hard to save money to buy it when I entered the industry. It is of great significance.”

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Linda says her youngest child seems to inherit her singing talent

(Photo Source: Linda Chung IG)