Netizens recently slammed the variety show, “Ace vs. Ace” over a bad prank played on actress Guan Xiaotong.

As reported on Sohu, in a previous recording for a surprise birthday celebration for the actress, the cast of the show decided to play a prank by making Shen Teng hand over an optical disk to her, only to cause it to drop before Guan was able to take it.

The actress was clearly stunned by what happened, especially when she was accused of dropping it to the ground. Making it worse, the staff, who were also in on it, stated that the item is worth millions and that it had no backup.

Guan couldn’t help but felt guilty upon hearing it, as she covered her mouth and held back tears. As she was overwhelmed with emotion, the cast and crew finally came out with a birthday cake and revealed that it was nothing more but a prank to celebrate her birthday. webp to jpg4
The actress seemed stunned upon being accused of dropping a valuable item

Upon the broadcast of the said episode, fans of the actress took to social media to say that they were not amused at all. Some accused the programme of being cruel to Guan, as they said she seemed to still be in a state of shock in the midst of everybody celebrating her birthday. They also stated that it was disrespectful to Guan, seeing that she was a guest and not a fixed member of the show.

Meanwhile, others believed that it was all set up, and that Guan might have already known it and that her reaction could have been staged. webp to jpg3
The actress was still in shock as they surprised her with a birthday cake

(Photo Source: Guan Xiaotong Weibo, SOHU)