Edison Chen is not at all perturbed by questions about his controversial past, having moved on from it and focusing now on becoming a doting father.

As reported on Mingpao, the actor, who was in Taiwan to attend a brand event alongside daughter Alaia, kept calm when a reporter mentioned about the 2008 incident involving nude photos of him and several female celebrities.

“In 2008, everyone thought that my career would be over, but I did not give up or lose my way. I believe in myself and have always worked hard. People look at my Instagram and think I am on holiday every day, but in fact, I am working all the time,” he said.

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Edison Chen enjoys being father to daughter Alaia with partner, model Qin Shupei

Edison stated that he enjoys being a father to Alaia and being with her every day.

“Since becoming a father, I have become less prone to anger and more patient. My perspective on the world has broadened. To educate my daughter well, I need to be a role model,” he said.

As to his acting career, Edison said that he is still interested in acting and has been participating in auditions in Hollywood. However, he has yet to receive roles that he wants.

(Photo Source: Edison Chen IG)