Eason Chan has recently renewed his contract with Universal Music Group.

As reported on Mingpao, the singer, who is releasing his new album, “CHIN UP!”, revealed in a press conference in Macau that he has been with the record label for 19 years and is quite comfortable staying.

“I am used to the form of cooperation… and I don’t like changing companies. But at the same time, I had never thought about setting up my own company like Terence Lam. I still like having someone take care of me,” he said.

Meanwhile, on speaking about the album, which is his first after five years, Eason said that all eight songs were composed by Terence Lam, who also collaborated with mainland singer-songwriter Li Ronghao.

As for having Tony Leung Chiu Wai in the music video of his song, “Don’t Mind Me”, Eason said that he never expected that a great actor like Tony would readily agreed to participate.

“He was so natural that I felt overwhelmed. Because of my nervous state, I felt like I didn’t perform well,” he said lightheartedly.

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Tony Leung stars in Eason’s MV for ‘Don’t Mind Me’

(Photo Source: Eason Chan IG)