Japanese voice actor Yousuke Naka, most known for voicing Nobita’s father in the beloved anime, “Doraemon” has recently passed away.

The news was announced by Yousuke’s agency, Mausu Promotion, which published an obituary on its official website stating that the voice actor passed away on 20 October at the age of 93.

It also stated that it will respect the wishes of the bereaved family to hold the funeral in a low-key manner, and thank everybody for their support throughout Yousuke’s lifetime.

However, the company did not disclose the specific cause of death.

Born in the 1930s, Yousuke started in a theatre troupe before joining Mausu. Aside from “Doraemon”, he has also voiced characters like Ehrenberg in “The Legend of the Galactic Heroes: Die Neue These”, Nogi in “Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex”, Mulligan in “Sohryuden – Legend of the Dragon Kings”, and Pumpkin in “Space Cobra”.

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The voice actor was most known for voicing the character of Nobita’s father, Nobi

(Photo Source: Dora, aniDB)