Dee Hsu is making her acting comeback with the new Netflix drama, “At the Moment” alongside Wu Kang-ren.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the TV personality, who was last seen as an actor in the 2018 mainland remake of “Meteor Garden”, told the media at the promotional event that she hesitated for a long time before finally agreeing to star in the drama.

However, after seeking consent from her family and finding out that she would be working with Wu, she agreed, saying, “If it’s Wu Kang-ren, no matter the work, it would be of high quality.”

When asked about her family’s reaction, Dee stated that her husband was very encouraging, while sister Barbie joked that, “If you win Golden Bell Awards’ Best Actress, I will die. I am the actress.”

“I told her, is that necessary? You didn’t come out and act,” she added, sparking laughter among the audience.

Dee also revealed that in order to prepare for the role, she even went to isolate herself in a hotel for ten days. When asked how she would rate her performance, Dee gave herself a seven, while Wu gave her a nine.

Co-starring Gingle Wang, Ruby Lin, Alyssa Chia, Derek Chang and others, “At the Moment” is an anthology series set during the pandemic, and follows ten unique love stories.

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‘At The Moment’ is an anthology of ten love stories

(Photo Source: Dee Hsu IG)