It was revealed that Danson Tang has successfully proposed to Taiwanese-American girlfriend, Becky Su (also known as Su Xiao-xuan).

As reported on Sohu, sources revealed that Danson popped the question during the recording of the final episode of the reality show, “Call Me by Fire 3”, though the whole proposal process was very short.

“He was very nervous, sweated a lot, and was stunned for a few minutes on stage. He originally wanted to keep low profile, but finally proposed in front of everybody,” said one source.

Since the proposal was spontaneous, it was revealed that he even had to borrow Jimmy Lin’s ring first to ask for Becky’s hand.

Danson had since confirmed the rumour via Weibo on the morning of 6 November.

He wrote, “Although this part has always been in my plans, I never thought it would happen on such an important day like this. Thank you to all my brothers in the Tiger Group for arranging this surprise for me.”

It is noted that Danson and Becky have been photographed together many times since 2020, though the actor has never directly admitted to the relationship.

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The two have been seen together numerous times

(Photo Source: Danson Tang IG, Becky Su IG, SOHU)