While the facts of her alleged ban have never been made official, the latest development revealed that Angelababy is no longer a part of her long-running show, “Keep Running”.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the actress, who has always been a part of the show except for season five, was revealed to have not been listed in the upcoming season, which will be centred on the theme of ecology.

In the poster that was released via the show’s official Weibo account, Angelababy was nowhere to be seen among her peers, which include Li Chen, Bai Lu, Zheng Kai, Fan Chengcheng and Song Yuqi.

The words in the poster read, “Follow the order of nature and walk with all things.”

The upcoming season will begin airing on 18 November.

It is noted that Angelababy has already been banned from Weibo itself, with the words “The user is currently banned due to violation of relevant laws and regulations” written under her profile if one clicks on it.

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Angelababy is banned on Weibo

Prior to that, the actress was accused of violating the morality clause of China’s entertainment industry by attending Blackpink Lisa’s burlesque show at France’s Crazy Horse, despite the organiser themselves denying her attendance.

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Angelababy had always been a part of ‘Keep Running’

(Photo Source: China Times, Angelababy IG)