The suspicious nature of actress Angel Wang’s position in recent photos has sparked speculation among netizens that the actress could be pregnant.

Netizens noted that the actress hasn’t been releasing any full-length photos of herself since August, and has only been posting headshots and pictures of herself from the chest up.

In some of her videos, Angel’s face was also noticeably fuller, fuelling the rumours even more.

Meanwhile, a Chinese paparazzo claimed that the actress has been pregnant for a while now, and that she supposedly will give birth in a couple of months.

It is noted that Angel was once accused of being the third party in Hawick Lau and Yang Mi’s marriage – a rumour that has been dispelled by both parties. She was later revealed to be dating actor He Jiuhua since 2021, and reportedly is still dating the actor despite cheating allegations against him.

Angel has yet to respond to the pregnancy rumours.

Angel Wang 1
The actress hasn’t shared full photos of herself for the past few months
Angel Wang 2
Her last full photo was shared back in August

(Photo Source: Angel Wang Weibo)