Although she won praises for her performance alongside husband Moses Chan in her comeback series, “Romeo and His Butterfly Lover”, Aimee Chan recently stated that she would rather not work with Moses again in future dramas.

In an interview with Mingpao recently, the actress, who admitted to have missed acting and wants to do it again in the future, stated that she would prefer to work with someone else so that there is a parent for her kids to turn to when she is working.

“If we are always working together, then there are no one to take care of the kids,” said the mum of three.

As for her comeback, Aimee said, “I have always loved acting and when I looked back at the clips from previous performances, I couldn’t help but cry. I feel so satisfied and happy. But I also hope to be able to continue take care of my children, be a modern woman, be a mother and be able to do what I want to do at the same time, which will also help increase positive energy.”

She also stated that she no longer has a burden of playing only the same type of characters ever since becoming a mother.

“I want to play mental patients, villains, drug addicts. Before I was a mother, I always followed the rules. But acting allows you to do cool things in a safe environment. It’s actually quite exciting,” she added.

Asked if she would accept sexy roles, Aimee responded, “If it feels sexy, why not?”

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The couple are parents to three children

(Photo Source: Aimee Chan IG)