Aaron Kwok seemed to be enjoying himself immensely in his new role in the upcoming movie, “Rob & Roll”.

In recent images released to the public, the actor can be seen looking unlike his usual suave self, transforming into a criminal complete with prosthetic teeth that made him look both menacing and funny simultaneously.

In addition to the prosthetic teeth, Aaron was also donned in special makeup, full beard, and a slick back hairdo.

Directed by Albert Mak, “Rob & Roll” stars Aaron as a professional wrestler and robber whose major heist was foiled unintentionally by a taxi driver and the latter’s best friend. The two characters are played by Gordon Lam and Richie Jen.

Aside from the trio, the movie also stars Maggie Cheung Ho Yee, Nancy Wu, Lam Suet and Ansonbean among others.

It is set to be released on Lunar New Year 2024.

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The movie to be released on Lunar New Year 2024

(Photo Source: RobnRoll IG)