Zhu Yilong is not at all affected by the fact that he was not nominated for the Golden Rooster Awards’ Best Actor category.

The actor, who won praises left and right for his performance in “Only The River Flows”, did not make it into the top five of the category, which has Tony Leung and Huang Bo competing via their movie, “Hidden Blade” and “Study Dad”.

When asked about it recently, the actor responded, “I think there are actually different judges every year. For all the movies in the entire market, there are different aesthetics and different judging standards, so I think it doesn’t matter. If you can get recognition from awards when making a movie, you will be very happy, but if you don’t get recognition, you will work harder.”

The other actors competing in the category are Sony Yang (“Back to Tibet”), Hui Wangjun (“The Rattle-Dong-Dong”), and Yang Haoyu in “Journey to the West”.

It is noted that Zhu won Best Actor at the awards last year for his performance as Mo Sanmei in “Lighting Up The Stars”.

During his speech, he expressed his confusion over winning the accolade, saying that he didn’t expect to win at all.

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The actor won the Golden Rooster for his performance in ‘Lighting Up the Stars’ last year

(Photo Source: Zhu Yilong Weibo)