Do you want to have a body like Zhao Lusi? Now you can, as the actress recently shared her eating routine in an interview with Vogue Taiwan.

The mainland star, who maintains her weight at all times, revealed that she does four things to take care of herself, and this include making sure to always have breakfast and avoid tropical fruits that are high in sugar.

Said the actress, “If you lack breakfast, your mind will run slowly. You must eat breakfast to speed up your metabolism and burn fat.”

She stated that she would eat more during breakfast and go slower in her meals after that. Sometimes she would also reduce snacks and will choose snacks with low calories and less fried food.

Zhao also revealed that she usually follows the “1121” diet to maintain a healthy figure. This, she says, entails her to eating one staple food, one palm-sized piece of meat, two servings of vegetables and one bottle of zero-calorie yogurt.

The actress stated that by eating this way, one covers all the carbohydrates, protein, and dietary fibres needed.

Aside from food, Zhao also maintains her weight by exercising. This include the three important exercises that she would do during menstruation to maintain body shape as well as relieve physical discomfort, which is sitting cross-legged and lowering one’s body to the ground, kneeling child’s pose, and cross-leg stretch.

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Having a figure like this takes effort

(Photo Source: Zhao Lusi IG)