Her plans to save some money by using the bike-sharing system has cost Xin Zhilei even more money due to her blunder.

The actress, who has been recording the fifth season of “Divas Hit the Road”, recently chose to rent a bike – a popular travelling option in China – to travel around instead in hopes to save some money.

However, it was Xin’s first time using the system, and the actress had a hard time navigating it. As soon as she reached her destination, Xin did not lock the bike with one click on her phone to complete the payment. As she couldn’t find the way to pay and was in a hurry, the actress decided to leave it.

It wasn’t until she was asked about the amount by the programme crew in the evening that she suddenly remembered that she didn’t seem to have paid the bill. The staff asked in surprise, “Have you been paying for that bike?”

Xin quickly took out the mobile app to check and found that the accumulated mileage was as high as 20.7 kilometres, but it was only about 10 kilometres to the filming location.

She speculated that it was because the bike was not locked and was taken for riding by others, who finally returned the bike. The entire 20.7 kilometres was charged to Xin Zhilei, which made her smile helplessly and said: “I am saving another person’s money instead. That person who rode my little yellow bike, remember to thank me, I will help you pay.”

Xin Zhilei
It wasn’t a total waste, she saved someone else some money instead

(Photo Source: Xin Zhilei IG, SOHU)