Mainland actress Wang Zilin recently expressed her perplexity over rumours that she is now married to Hong Kong actor Bosco Wong.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the 25-year-old, who was alleged to have also borne a son for the actor, took to Weibo to express her confusion regarding the rumour, writing, “I also don’t know Mr. Wong. I find it outrageous.”

She then responded to some netizens commenting on the issue, saying, “Now you can just open your mouth and say things, and it can still be trending?” and “I have so many questions.”

Wang also joked that the media used quite ugly photos of her in those articles.

Prior to Wang’s response, Bosco has denied the rumour during an interview with a Taiwanese media, and stated that he does not even know Wang.

It is noted that just a few months ago, Bosco admitted that he is still single. When asked to describe the kind of woman he likes, he said, “I don’t like girls who are too cute. I am a tidy person and I don’t like people messing with my things. I also don’t like to talk much at home and prefers quiet. Let’s see who’d be the unlucky girl.”

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Bosco once said that he doesn’t like the cutesy type

(Photo Source: Bosco Wong IG, Wang Zilin Weibo)