Wang Xiaofei has made headlines again, this time for drunkenly saying that he wants to remarry ex-wife, Barbie Hsu.

According to several clips of video provided by netizens, Wang revealed during a conversation with a blogger that “the bald man” (i.e., Barbie’s current husband Koo Jun-Yup) “has run away” and does not live with the actress, and that nobody takes care of her despite her being in poor health.

It is noted that DJ Koo has temporarily returned to South Korea, albeit for work. He is set to return to Taipei to hold an art exhibition around late October, where he will display an artwork that he made of his wife.

In the said clips, Wang also stated that he would like to remarry the actress, saying that Barbie is a star and needs others to love her. In other words, he feels that he can provide the love that she needs.

“I have been with her for more than ten years and I know she needs it. She is a female star and she needs others to love her,” he said.

The businessman appeared to be drunk during the livestream

When asked if what he currently feels for Barbie is pity or love, he paused before responding, “Love”. He also stressed that he never wanted a conflict with Barbie, but that “her lawyer has been trying to sow discord between us.”

Netizens who saw the video couldn’t help but speculate whether Wang will regret his words once he sobers up, while others are saying that the businessman has yet to move on from their divorce.

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Barbie Hsu is happily remarried to South Korean entertainer, DJ Koo

(Photo Source: Barbie Hsu Fanpage IGSOHU)