U-KISS’ Hoon recently announced that he and wife Hwang Ji-Seon are going to have a baby.

The singer, real name Yeo Hoon-Min, shared the good news on social media with an ultrasound photo, and wrote, “Did you all have a happy holiday? On this 4 October, Angel’s Day, I would like to share some good news. A very precious life has arrived in the world that my wife and I have been desperately hoping and waiting for.”

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Hoon announced his wife’s pregnancy with this ultrasound photo

“This baby, who has entered the 27th week, is amazingly already a son who looks just like me! Thank you so much for coming to us like this. I will be a good parent so that my baby can grow up properly and healthily with lots of love and blessings,” he added.

Hoon also promised that he will do his best for his wife, who has been working hard, and for his baby, who is growing healthily.

“Please give us many blessings! Thank you!” he enthused.

The couple tied the knot back in late May 2022, several weeks after he announced that he will be marrying Hwang, who was a short-lived member of Girl’s Day.

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Hoon and Hwang Ji-seon tied the knot in May 2022

(Photo Source: U-KISS Hoon IG, Ladiestory)