Despite all rumours linking her to singer Hubert Wu, Sisley Choi stressed that she is still single.

The actress, who sat down for an interview with Mingpao recently, admitted that while she and Hubert love each other very much, they cherish the friendship they have.

“I am currently single and I hope that the right man will appear soon,” she said. “If my future partner doesn’t mind it, I would definitely announce my relationship when the time comes.”

Sisley, who has worked as a nanny prior to joining Miss Hong Kong and becoming an actress, stated that she has always loved children and want to recover her health in preparation for future babies.

She admitted to have had been suffering problems with her hormones due to her work schedules and lack of rest.

“After work, my head still refused to “turn off” from memorising the scripts and I got chronic insomnia over time,” she said. “It was exacerbated by people’s criticisms of me. I knew that it was unhealthy and wanted to change it. Being an actor is not as easy as you think.”

However, the actress is now learning to adjust herself and face every situation calmly.

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Sisley has been best buds with Hubert Wu for years now

(Photo Source: Sisley Choi IG, Hubert Wu IG)