Ren Jialun’s camp has recently taken to social media to deny rumours that the actor had cheated in his marriage.

The whole issue sparked after an insider claimed that infamous paparazzo Zhuo Wei has hinted that a top male star surnamed R has cheated on his partner and that he will be exposing the said actor soon.

Many speculated that the said actor is Ren himself, who has a son with wife Nie Huan.

Ren Jialun’s camp slams cheating rumours, celeb asia, ren jialun, theHive.Asia
Ren is married to actress Nie Huan

In response to the rumours, his company issued a statement slamming the speculations, declaring it to be an infringement on his rights.

“Relevant internet users are sternly warned to immediately stop spreading and delete the abovementioned defamatory remarks. Internet platforms are also obliged to promptly block, delete, and revoke infringing content to avoid further expansion of negative impacts and damaging results. As a public figure, Mr. Ren Jialun is very willing to accept public supervision and sincerely accepts all suggestions and criticisms that are beneficial to his own progress, but we do not accept unwarranted rumours and slander,” the company stated.

On the other hand, the rumour has also now affected another actor Cheng Yi, who is also part of the same agency as Ren, after Zhuo Wei claimed that the other party misheard what he said, and that he was not saying that the actor has the “surname R” but that his name has “two characters”, which sounded similar in Chinese.

Ren Jialun’s camp slams cheating rumours, celeb asia, ren jialun, theHive.Asia
Cheng Yi was also accused of being the cheating person that paparazzo Zhuo Wei was hinting about

(Photo Source: SOHU, UDN)