It was revealed that the sequel to “The World Between Us” is set to begin production, though not with the original cast.

As reported on Oriental Daily, the drama, which will still be helmed by director Lin Chun-Yang, will no longer have Alyssa Chia in the lead, but will now star Vic Zhou.

It is also stated that the rest of the cast, including Wu Kangren, James Wen, Tracy Chou and Pets Seng might also not return for the sequel, which has a different storyline than the first one.

While the first series, released in 2019, follows the aftermath of a mass shooting at a movie theatre and the fates of all involved, the sequel reportedly has Vic playing a psychiatrist who has to face the person who causes the deaths of his wife and child.

The sequel will also touch upon issues like mental illness, political struggles, and the media phenomenon.

It is noted that Alyssa has expressed in a past interview that she will not participate in the sequel. The actress won Best Actress at the Golden Bell Awards for her performance in the series.

Screenshot 2023 10 11 at 10 04 29 The World Between Us 2019
Alyssa starred in the first season and won a Golden Bell for it

(Photo Source: IMDb)