Mainland netizens are calling for a boycott against actress Song Yi for working with Japanese fashion brand, UNIQLO.

It was recently announced by the brand that the “Joy of Life” actress has been appointed as its autumn and winter fashion ambassador, and that she will also serve as a one-day store manager in Guangzhou.

While some fans were happy for her, others slammed the actress and calling her a hypocrite for working with a Japanese brand, especially following China’s issue with the country releasing treated radioactive water from the wrecked Fukushima nuclear power plant into the Pacific Ocean.

Netizens had since flooded the actress’ Weibo account, slamming her for her collaboration with UNIQLO.

One commented, “Once you start working for Japanese products, your popularity will never come back. There will be retribution for bad money.”

Another posted, “What’s the matter with you? Are you testing Chinese people’s limit?”

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Song Yi is the ambassador of UNIQLO’s autumn and winter fashion

(Photo Source: Song Yi Fan updates X)