A new photo showing supermodel Ming Xi on set of an upcoming series has sparked a heated debate among netizens.

As reported on NetEase, recently, several photos from the upcoming Guo Jingming drama, “The Big Dream Return” was leaked online, including a few snaps of actor Hou Minghao, who plays the male lead, sitting by the river with the supermodel in her first ever costume drama appearance.

While some praised Ming for her ethereal looks, others were not very happy to see her there.

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Ming Xi in her first costume drama role

Many netizens began to ridicule the supermodel, complaining that Ming is already a wealthy supermodel who married into a very wealthy family and that there is no need for her to try her hands on acting. It is noted that Ming’s husband is Stanley Ho’s son, Mario Ho.

Meanwhile, others quoted a famous saying from a popular variety show, that the threshold for becoming an actor seems too low nowadays and that everyone wants to get a piece of the pie.

However, her fans were quick to defend her, saying that Ming is just a guest star in the drama and is not playing a major role. They stressed that this is not the first time that the supermodel has made appearances in dramas, which include “Escape Plan 2: Hades” and “Kill Mobile”.

Ming Xi Mario Ho
The supermodel with husband Mario Ho

(Photo Source: Mario Ho WeiboMing Xi IG, NetEase)