Matt Healy has been doing lots of controversial things throughout the years, which is why his latest apology seemed to both confuse many and came as not a surprise to others.

The 1975 frontman recently apologised during his concert at the Hollywood Bowl, following an announcement that the band will be going on an indefinite hiatus, saying, “Because some of my actions have hurt some people, I apologise to those people, and I pledge to do better moving forward.”

“I think it’s also important that I express my intentions, so everybody knows that there is no ill will coming from me. You see, as an artist, I want to create an environment for myself to perform where not everything that I do is taken literally…” he said.

Healy stated that he “kind of performed exaggerated versions” of himself on other stages in an “often misguided attempt at fulfilling the kind of character role of the 21st century rock star.” webp to jpg1

“Sometimes playing pretend is the only way you can truly find out who you are, and you could probably also say that men would rather do offensive impressions for attention than go to therapy,” he said.

It is noted that Healy was most recently slammed for laughing at a racist remark against Ice Spice on an episode of “The Adam Friedland Show” earlier this year, though Ice herself said that the singer has apologised to her.

While fans seemed to accept the apology, others stated that Healy should have been cancelled a long time ago for continuously making racist comments.

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Do his actions that hurt people include the Good Vibes Festival issue or is it just in general?