Malaysian singer Jeryl Lee Pei Ling has been named the champion of the mainland reality show, “The Next 2023”.

The Penang-born singer, who bested 26 performers to become one of the top five contestants before eventually winning the show, took to Instagram to express her gratitude.

She expressed, “I have been singing for 15 years and debuted for 7 years. It is really not easy to keep singing until now. Every time when I want to give up, I will say to myself, ‘If you persist and work harder, you will definitely make it.’ This time I can confidently say I did it! I did not disappoint you.” 383174172 18389916124029644 393297380250996392 n 1080

Jeryl also stated that “The Next 2023” is one of the best shows she has ever participated in, and that she has made many sincere friends throughout the programme.

“Thank you to the management team that has been with me for many years, worked hard to help me deal with many things, and supported me and believed in me from [start] to the finals. Thank you very much. There are too many things to say. I just want to tell you: If you want to do anything, be brave and bold and try it!… I can do it, and so can you!”

This is not the first time that Jeryl has joined a competition. The singer, who has been performing since she was eight, has won “Water Cube Cup China” in 2014 and also joined “Sing! China” two years after that. 353468717 942481157010049 5407868899504227725 n 1080
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