Louise Wong recently revealed that she is currently preparing for her new project, the limited series “Coolie” helmed by Arvin Chen of “Love in Taipei” fame.

The actress, who spoke to the media recently about her upcoming project, stated that she will be flying to the Dominican Republic and Panama in December for the shoot, and will be focusing on that particular project for four and a half months.

“After ‘Anita’ and ‘A Guilty Conscience’, I have received a challenging role again, and this time, all my dialogues are in English, so I have to spend time in class to practise,” she said.

In order to focus on playing the role well, Louise said that she has been using all of her time to learn her role.

“I enjoyed it, despite the process being tensed and stressful. Sometimes I get too excited that I couldn’t sleep. Thank you [producer] Shi Nansun and my manager for recommending this job to me,” she said.

The upcoming limited series revolves around the enslaved Chinese workers in 19th century Cuba, with Louise playing the role of a young woman who departs from southern China to marry a political exile working on a sugarcane plantation in Cuba.

Other stars include Joseph Chang, Colombian actor Mauricio Henao, and Cuban actress Camila Arteche.

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The actress previously won accolades left and right for ‘Anita’

(Photo Source: Louise Wong IG)