Veteran actress Kingdom Yuen recently revealed that she is temporarily taking a break from acting and instead focusing on doing more social media livestreams.

As reported on SETN, the actress revealed in a recent interview that she makes more money doing live on social media platforms compared to acting.

“Suppose you make one million per live broadcast, if you steadily hold four live broadcasts every month and earn a million per session, you can make a lot of money in a year,” she said.

Kingdom also stated that she doesn’t have the same insecurity doing such work compared to acting.

“As an actor, if the director values you, you will have a job. But there are many things that you can’t control,” she said. “But it’s different with doing live. Not only can you choose the products yourself, you can also choose how to deliver the goods. You are the protagonist. No one can interfere.”

As for the notion that doing such work is lowering an actor’s self-worth, the actress responded, “It is no less difficult than acting. For me, this is also a new challenge.”

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Kingdom is known for her many funny movie roles

(Photo Source: ST Headline, China Press)