Kazunari Ninomiya recently announced that he has left Johnny & Associates.

The Arashi member shared the news on 24 October via his fan club’s website, saying that he is still very much a member of Arashi and will continue to be involved in activities with the group.

As to why he decided to leave the company, Nino stated that his activities have been affected a lot since the first press conference regarding the late Johnny Kitagawa’s sexual abuses and paedophilia, and that he didn’t know what to do.

As the talent management company changed its name and its responsibilities as a response to the victims of Johnny’s abuses, Nino carefully thought about his future and decided to withdraw from the company.

“I will still be a member of Arashi tomorrow, and I will also be a member of Arashi from now on. As long as I am still a member of Arashi, I will always be, so please don’t worry. I will continue to work hard as Ninomiya Kazuya,” he added.

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Nino assures he is still a part of Arashi

(Photo Source: ARASHI IG)