Kara Hui has been nominated Best Actress at the Golden Rooster Awards for her performance in “Love Never Ends”.

The actress, who plays the role of Li Huiru in the Yan Han movie, will be competing against the likes of Yan Ni (“Heart’s Motive”), He Saifei (“Chasing the Moon”), Yin Tao (“Home Coming”), and Huang Yao (“The Shadowless Tower”).

Following the news, the Hong Kong veteran took to Weibo to express her elation, writing, “I once saw a movie review on the Internet that moved me very much. It read, “In “Love Never Ends”, Kara Hui knew very well that this time she was playing a speck of dust, so unlike before, she restrained all her sharp edges and quietly attached the speck of dust to every screen.”

“Thank you very much to this netizen for giving such a review! Thank you even more to the teachers of the Golden Rooster Organising Committee for seeing this speck of dust in me! The nomination is already a great affirmation for me! Sincerely! Thank you! Thank you!”

Meanwhile, Tony Leung Chiu Wai is being nominated for the first time as Golden Rooster Best Actor for his performance in “Hidden Blade”.

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‘Love Never Ends’ is a romantic-drama about two elderly couples at the final journey of their lives

(Photo Source: Kara Hui Weibo, Far East Films)